ITC Ethical Manager Status: An Introduction

ITC negotiates standard contracts to help members. We deal with the main industry unions:

  • Equity for Choreographers, Designers (costume, set and lighting), Directors, Fight Directors, Performers, Stage Managers.
  • Writers Guild of Great Britain an agreement that covers working with a writer in a devising process as well as standard commissions.
  • Unite for admin and management staff

Members whose contracts are in line with the minimum terms and conditions we have negotiated in this can use the ITC Ethical Manager logo to tell the world that their company:

  • Has been approved by ITC and Equity as having a track record of good management.
  • Issues contracts that comply with or improve on industry minimum terms and conditions.
  • Has a legal structure.
  • Is insured.
  • Is financially stable

Issuing the industry standard contracts, with the ITC Ethical Manager logo helps you to manage too. If you issue our standard Agreements you don’t have to spend so much time:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts - we have done that for you and they are union-approved.
  • Explaining your contracts to artists and agents - the Ethical Manager logo demonstrates that you are recognised by both ITC and Equity as a reliable manager and are offering, at least, the sector’s agreed minimum terms and conditions.
  • Checking that your contracts cover all the areas that the law requires – we have done this for you.
  • Checking that your disciplinary and grievance procedures meet statutory requirements – we have done this for you.
  • Explaining your contract problems to ITC – we know our way round the Ethical Manager Member contracts.

Sign up for ITC Ethical Manager status now

If your company is an ITC Organisation Member and you are incorporated, insured and can demonstrate financial stability you can sign up for Ethical Manager status. You can either issue the ITC/Equity Performers & Stage Managers Agreement or a draft of your own that is in line with these minimum terms and conditions and that has been approved by ITC. You should also strive to issue all other Agreements negotiated by ITC for creative contributors and administrative staff wherever possible.

There is a short additional form to complete and return back to us with the attachments requested. Subject to Equity’s approval as well as ours, we will register you as an Ethical Manager. There is no extra fee to pay. The form can be found at the foot of this page.

If you have any queries about Ethical Manager Status or ITC’s union agreements contact Jackie Elliman on 020 7089 6823 or email Jackie Elliman.